Summer in Gallerian

If you had visited Paris this summer, you would probably have been waiting in line for a high iron tower. If you went to Barcelona, you would have spent your day at a gigantic church. London has a large watch and hundreds of police officers with fun hats. On the other hand, we have Gallerian – the absolute number one attraction in Stockholm. Probably. There are lots of flagship stores here: Victoria’s Secret, a three floors Kicks store and Stockholm’s biggest toy store. And if that wasn't enough, we also have IKEA, the most Swedish brand there is. But despite our 80 stores, we are more than just shopping – there are a number of good restaurants with everything from fine dining to fast food and take-away. And if you want a miles long view of the city, you should visit the neighbourhood’s rooftop bars where you can eat well, drink well and have an incredibly pleasant evening. 

Read more about our stores and restaurants below and do also take part of our recommendations of what to when you visit our beautiful town – in our Stockholm guide.

A warm welcome to Stockholm’s presumably leading tourist attraction. Welcome! 

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