P.U.S.H is a unique place by skateboarders in order to get people togheter, no matter the age. A new urban venue where you as a visitor has the opportunity to skate, hang around at the meeting venue with the panoramic view over the Stockholm City pulse, and also be able to shop your style at Brädkultur/ VANS. Aside from the popular skate, it’s also a place where different events and happenings takes place. All from lectures, workshops, performances and open events as the Stockholm Sneaker Convention. About this happenings you will as a costumer know about on their social medias and websites.

P.U.S.H is located on the 4th floor, upstairs the main entrance from Hamngatan. P.U.S.H is going to be open at the ordinary opening hours that Galleria Stockholm has. The fee for skating is 30 sek. Everybody are welcome but you need to have your guardian approval if you are under the age of 16. The experience shouldn’t only include the already redeemed skaters but also the ones who wants to learn to skate. 

P.U.S.H has been created by the network behind the Swedish innovation company Performance Sk8 Europe AB whom are aiming to strengthen the self esteem of kids and adolescents by offering a safe and social place where they can meet up and do what they love. Together with co partners the space will for 300 days be filled with new thinking activities that are suppose to make a difference for people here and all around the globe.

Mon- fri 10am-8pm
Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 11am-6pm

Beginners skate with two coaches at P.U.S.H:
Saturday 10am- 12am (Up to 15 years of age)
Sunday 11am- 1pm (All ages)

Thursdays 18.20pm-20.20pm
The opening hours can be divergent if there is an event or some happening.For more information please visit www.pushsthlm.com