Gateau is a craft bakery from Saltsjöbaden in Stockholm, dating back to 1937. We bake our bread according to traditional French recipes with sourdough just like our role model Poilâne in Paris does. Baking with sourdough requires great accuracy and the right feel for the craft. The dough needs to rest long before baking and then ferment slowly to develop the right aroma. It is also important to bake the bread at a high temperature. We bake our bread directly on the hob in stone ovens that hold 280 degrees. The result is a bread with soft flavour, hard crust and naturally long shelf life.

French style cakes
The best French patisseries serve as role models for Gateau's pastry chefs in Stockholm, Skåne and Gothenburg. The idea of French cakes is based on the fact that all the flavours in the mix are included in each bite, which is why the cakes are low with different flavours in several layers. French cakes are just as good for dessert as celebrating someone you like. If you prefer classic cakes, we make both princess cake and raspberry meringue cake. Each season, the pastry chefs create recipes for new cakes and other pastries inspired by the season's ingredients.

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 07.30 am - 8 pm
Sat 10 am - 6 pm
Sun 11 am - 6 pm