The city between the pages

Wonder through the setting for the classic Stockholm novel ”Mina drömmars stad” (The City of My Dreams) and hang out in the places you might otherwise have just read about. Here you transcend the struggle between history and present day without leaving beautiful Södermalm.


For SEK 240, you will get ”Mina drömmars stad” by Per Anders Fogelström and a picnic.
The food pack may differ depending on availability.


1. Gallerian. Head through the town toward Södermalm or take the subway directly to Slussen.

2. Glasbruksgatan. Go from Slussen to Glasbruksgatan and slow your pace to take in the surroundings where the book's main character Henning and his friend Thumb go on an adventure in the chapter "Stockekaren".

3. Erstagatan. Continue along on Glasbruksgatan until Folkungagatan crosses it. Then follow Folkungagatan to Erstagatan – or Tjärhov’s crossroads as it was called at the time when ”Mina drömmars stad” takes place. Then follow Erstagatan all the way to Vitabergsparken.

4. Vitabergsparken. Time for a break! Sit down on the grass, or on a bench, and start reading. And don’t forget to eat your picnic when you get hungry.

Here you can download a map to follow.

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