Taste trek

Looking for a tasty start to your Stockholm vacation? Here we have packed the best from our pantry for your picnic – and with these delicacies for company you embark on a boat trip, to shortly afterwards arrive where Fjäderholmarna’s nature provides the best possible setting.


For SEK 550 you get salad from The Fishery & The Farm Family, sandwich from Il Molo, dessert from the Vete-Katten and coffee and bun from Gateau. The food pack may differ depending on availability.


1. Nybrokajen. Walk to Nybrokajen and hop on the boat to Fjäderholmarna.

2. On the boat. First course – The journey is short, but you have time for an appetizer in the form of coffee and a bun.

3. Fjäderholmarna – Trädgården. Second course – Go to the Garden, in the middle of Fjäderholmarna. Spread out the picnic blanket and enjoy your salad.

4. Fjäderholmarna – Solklipporna. Third course – Go to the east side of the island and settle down on the cliffs and enjoy Il Molo’s sandwich.

5. Before returning home. If you are not in a hurry, we recommend that you discover and explore the island, which has a fantastic urban archipelago environment. In addition, there are various types of activities in the craft cottages – particularly for boat and bird enthusiasts. At Fjäderholmarna there is a museum with items from archipelago vessels and a birdlife that is hard to miss.

Here you can download a map to follow.

By the way, did you know you can order this package trip directly to your door? Read more about our home delivery here!