Stockholm Wilderness

Lace up your hiking boots and experience the adventure – or at least give yourself a break from your usual surroundings. We have packed everything necessary for your survival – and nature now awaits.


For 1,800 SEK you get a tent, backpack, primus kitchen, sleeping mat, water container, sleeping bag and powerbar. The food pack may differ depending on availability.


1. Gallerian/T-Centralen. When you are kitted out and ready, take the green subway line to Gullmarsplan and then bus 807 or 809. Jump off the bus at the station Söderbyleden

2. Söderbyleden. From Söderbyleden walk to the main entrance Tyresta By. Walk – or hike – along Barnvagnsslingan and Sörmlandsleden by Bylsjön and Årsjöträsk into the woods.

3. Årsjön. Arrival! Here, Årsjön and Tyresta National park stretch out in front of you. Find a suitable site close to the windshield to pitch your tent. Celebrate with a good dinner prepared on your camping stove, right in the middle of cliffs and forest that are many hundred years old. Also take the opportunity to discover the 55 kilometers of hiking trails that you can found in Tyresta National park.

Tips for the adventurous:

You don't have to always stick to the paths. Leave them and wander through the vegetation, to create more of a wilderness feeling.
Get up early and meet nature at dawn – unbeatable!
Get out even when the weather forecast doesn't promise wall to wall sunshine. A little rain enhances the feeling of being exposed to the elements.

Here you can download a map to follow.

By the way, did you know you can order this package trip directly to your door? Read more about our home delivery here!