Djurgården all inclusive

For those of you who want to travel in style and not at all skimp on the holiday experience, we offer a package tour with a little extra everything. Experience fantastic Djurgården, via the grand Strandvägen on an electric scooter. And of course, we will pack you the best lunch bag we have to offer – for optimal enjoyment.


For 1,250 SEK you get a helmet, backpack and luxurious picnic food. The food pack may differ depending on availability.


1. Hamngatan. Rent an electric scooter, which are everywhere in Stockholm. Ride from Gallerian toward Djurgården via Hamngatan and along Strandvägen, before riding across Djurgårdsbron. Here you will also find the Nordic Museum.

2. Djurgården. Turn left through Djurgårdsporten or Lusthusporten – and check out the majestic mansions.

3. Rosendals slott. After you have seen enough, hunger may get the better of you. Make a detour to Rosendal Castle and picnic in the slottsträdgården.

4. Toward Blockhusudden. Continue on to Prins Eugenes Waldemarsudde – and then straight on to the Thielska Gallery on Blockhusudden and enjoy some art. At the waterfront, we recommend a swim before it's time to head back into town.

Here you can download a map to follow.

By the way, did you know you can order this package trip directly to your door? Read more about our home delivery here