A healthy fast food alternative

Eggs Inc. is our latest newcomer among restaurants at Gallerian. We wanted to know more about their concept so interviewed the founder Elisabeth, who among other things told us how to succeed with your scrambled eggs at home!

What’s the secret behind your very special concept where all your food is egg-based?

Me and my husband Glenn have always been very interested in healthy food combined with exercise, but none of us a big fan of salads. Simply because we don’t feel it filling the way we want our food to. Eggs, on the other hand, are an amazing product that really fulfils all your needs and wishes and comes in infinite variations of taste, shapes and possibilities. Eggs also have a very high level of protein – something you need if you exercise a lot. 

Do you have a signature meal not to miss when visiting you?

Many people’s favorite is our Spicy Bun, made with our homemade chilli mayo, brioche bread and a fluffy egg or our pepperoni pizza with a crust made entirely of eggs, making it 100% gluten-free. 

Is there any exciting news waiting to be released on the menu?

For most people the entire concept is brand new, we make food that can’t be found anywhere else including egg buns, egg pizzas, egg bites and much more. 

Are there any alternatives for your visitors who don’t eat eggs?

We have a Vegan Bun on the menu for those who don’t eat eggs. But we also get a lot of visitors telling us they don’t normally like eggs, but this they do like! And that’s always a pleasure to hear. 

Where did you get your inspiration for the great-looking pink interior?

We took help from Spik Studios who are, according to us, the best there is in their field. We wanted to go for the Miami-style diner feeling at our restaurant!

Can you share the secret of succeeding with scrambled eggs at home?

Use cream instead of water or milk. The cream is definitely the secret to really good and creamy scrambled eggs.

If you only could eat one thing off your menu for the rest of your life, which would it be?

I would have chosen Eggs Benedict, something I always have when I’m at the restaurant. It comes with two poached eggs on brioche bread topped with hollandaise sauce served with a side of either bacon, salmon or avocado.