No summer is complete without sun and swimming. So it’s lucky that Stockholm offers extremely good opportunities for both! We have packed everything you need and now the Fredhällsklipporna await. One, two, three – let’s go on the fourth! PS feel free to bring a Bluetooth speaker if you want to create an atmosphere.


For 1,250 SEK you get a towel, flip flops, sunscreen, and picnic food from Il Molo packed in a nice beach bag. The food pack may differ depending on availability.


1. Gallerian. Make your way to the Central Station and then on to Kungsholmen. Why not get your body temperature up? The water will cool you off.

2. On Kungsholmen. Cross Kungsholmen and take the opportunity to enjoy the parks along the way.

3. Fredhäll. Head toward Fredhällsparken and walk along the last of the waterfront. You have then arrived at your destination! Spread out your towel and sunbathe for a while – or jump straight in for a swim.

Bonus Tip! If you want to swim somewhere a little more secluded, then the Fredhällsklipporna may not be the best choice. We recommend a trip to the Gömmarens badplats instead. Make your way to Ryttarens väg 29, Huddinge.

Here you can download a map to follow.

By the way, did you know you can order this package trip directly to your door? Read more about our home delivery here!