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  1. Try new workouts at BECORE Article

    Are you ready to try something new? Or maybe, you’re already a regular at BECORE? No matter how experienced you are with their concepts Megaformer and Cycling, you can always count on a sweaty session filled with energy from their trainers.

  2. We welcome the award-winning Indian restaurant Article

    Now you can enjoy the spicy flavours from Indian cuisine in Gallerian. Indian Garden, voted best Indian restaurant in Europe, has opened and offers lunch, dinner and take away.

  3. Kry has opened a health center Article

    The Swedish healthcare app Kry takes the next step towards combining digital care with physical care.

  4. Fall arrivals Article

    Fall has come and we’re preparing ourselves for everything the new season has to offer. All fresh starts crave a wardrobe update, whether you want to do an extreme makeover or go all in on this season’s color schemes

  5. Stockholm Skyline Article

    Stockholm is fantastic – not least at height. Here we will guide you through the city, from a bird's eye viewpoint. Enjoy good food and drinks, pleasant environments – and most importantly: views. A real natural high!

  6. Due to the coronavirus Article

    The coronoavirus poses a new situation and affects all of us, not least our tenants and the people of Stockholm. In order to keep our public spaces open in a safe and secure manner, it is important that we all follow the instructions o…

  7. Kjell & Company is now open! Article

    We are pleased that Kjell & Company has opened in Gallerian. The brand new store is located close to the Sergel entrance, right in the city center and perfect if you are on the go. Step inside to get help from Kjell & Company's experts to find exactly what you need for your home

  8. Order takeaway Article

    Did you know it’s really easy to order takeaway from our restaurants? Some of them even offer home delivery. We’ve gathered which ones that do, and how you can place your order!

  9. A healthy fast food alternative Article

    Eggs Inc. is our latest newcomer among restaurants at Gallerian. We wanted to know more about their concept so interviewed the founder Elisabeth, who among other things told us how to succeed with your scrambled eggs at home!

  10. The trend from Taiwan Article

    Maybe you’re familiar with the phenomenon “Bubble tea”, the wildly popular drink which originates from Taiwan. Oolong Tea House recently opened up at Gallerian, a unique concept where they serve lots of different drinks and pastries you may never have heard of before. We paid them a visit to try out their menu!