Lots of exciting new concepts have opened up on the 4th floor! We now offer everything from a digi-physical care center to climbing, training, beauty, fashion and food/fika. Here on the 4th floor you can focus on health and wellbeing regardless if you want to treat yourself to a treatment, if you’re curious about new workout concepts or just want to take a break with a really nice cup of coffee. 


Kasai Kitchin is a modern Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar serving creative Japanese fusion meals and well-made cocktails in an exclusive environment with a vivid atmosphere. Kasai Kitchin is the result of many years of inspirational seeking in cities like London, Los Angeles and Miami. This truly characterizes every visit from service to the food being served as well as the atmosphere. 


The newly opened Wayne’s Coffee at Gallerian offers a great spread of coffee, fika and breakfast as well as salads and grilled sandwiches that makes for a perfect lunch. Here you can enjoy your fresh, ecological coffee at the café or choose to bring your lunch home with you. You can also pre-pay your order in Waynes Coffee’s app and simply pick up your order. The café is driven by people constantly working to enhance your fika-experience and they will always serve you ecological coffee, well-made meals such as freshly baked fika straight from the oven.


At Pink Flower Nails you can get everything from acrylic and gel to classic manicures and spa pedicures. What’s new is that they now also offer foot pedicures! Make sure to get your nails done in time for the weekend, your big meeting or your dinner party. Treat yourself or someone you love with a treatment of your choice.


At Hawaii Poké you’ll be served tasty and healthy fast food, we’d actually like to claim it’s the freshest poké bowl in all of Stockholm. Poké (poh-kay) is a delicious, raw fish dish of which originates in Hawaii with influences from Japan, and is probably best described as sushi salad. Here, they always aim to keep all ingredients both ecologic and local with everything from vegan to gluten-free and milk-free options. Pick a favorite from their menu, or make your very own.


At Kry you can get healthcare within 24 hours, or choose to be helped 24 hours a day through their app. At Gallerian, Kry has very generous opening hours both nights and on weekends so that you easily can get your care if you’re not able to visit during daytime. You can also choose to make Kry your regular healthcare center, and still be able to visit any one of their centers all across Stockholm. This way you will always have easy access to be cared for, at Kry’s healthcare center.  


Klättercentret has opened at Gallerian, and is with that Stockholm city’s first and only climbing facility. Here, you will find about 100 challenges, which are different paths to take while climbing. These challenges have different levels of difficulty so whether you’re new to climbing or have lots of experience in the area, there’s something for everyone. Klättercentret always provides their visitors with knowledgeable staff so if you’re a beginner or simply have questions, you can always ask experts on the ground. 


The newly opened training center BECORE originates in many well known, international training concepts and we’re proud to say you can finally enjoy these at Gallerian. Try the concept “Megaformer” for example, which is fitness-inspired from pilates. Or, choose to join a “Cycling” class where you cycle in a choreography together with others. Whether you’re ready to take your training to the next level or already attend BECORE classes regularly, you’re very welcome to visit BECOREs latest studio on our 4th floor. 


P.U.S.H is short for Performance Urban Sk8 House and is a unique concept for skateboarders of all ages. This is a new, urban meeting place where all visitors have the opportunity to skate, experience art and music, listen to lectures and meet different brands. If you’ve never set your foot on a skateboard before, we highly recommend you to try. If you’re a regular, you’ll know what to do. P.U.S.H has something for everyone!


At JACK & JONES you’ll find nice men’s fashion for all styles in everything from elegant to tougher, street styles. JACK & JONES has a particular passion for denim, and it lies in their DNA to design jeans wear for everyone. Here, you’ll find everything from accessories to shoes, underwear and classic chinos to bomber jackets and elegant suits.


Beyond Retro has opened up a pop-up store at P.U.S.H. Here you can find a wide range of handpicked vintage clothing. Their clothes come from all over the world and even though it’s recycled, it’s always in a very nice shape. Create your very own unique style and do our planet a favour at the same time! Here you’ll find lots of vintage jeans from brands like Levi’s and Wrangler, suede jackets from the ’70s, sports clothing from Nike and Adidas as well as much more.


Release Co. is a health clinique specialized in intravenous and intramuscular vitamin therapy – here, they combine medical expertise with a passion for helping individuals reach a higher sense of health and wellbeing. Through guidance and treatments, their medical team can help you enhance your wellness. A free consultation is always provided from someone within the medical team when you book any treatment at Release Co. 
Release Co. opens at Gallerian in January.