Summer sale is on!

We love sunny days and swims in the ocean, but what is summer really without our summer sale? Right now our stores have lots of great offers! What are you missing this summer? Maybe a pair of comfy sneakers from Foot Locker? Skincare from Kicks Flagship Store or a new swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret? Find all this and much more at our summer sale!

By the way! Did you know that you can shop at our summer sale from home? With our home delivery service, you can get personal service and the help you need to find exactly what you are looking for. Just call +46 (0) 7-097 496 33 and you will get to talk to someone from our staff on the phone. If you would like to, they can also guide you through our stores via FaceTime. The service is free of charge and we will deliver your order on the same day. Read more here

We also want to take the opportunity to remind you dear visitor to continue to show consideration and keep your distance from each other in the stores. Thank you!