Plan your visit

Your safety is important and we want you to feel comfortable visiting us, even during the current circumstances. We’re happy to see that more of our customers have returned to the city and to us, yet we still have to be careful and try to prevent the spread of covid-19 together. We can do that by, for example, keeping distance from each other. 

By tracking the number of visitors at certain hours in Gallerian, we know at what times most people visit us and thereby also when we have fewer visitors. You can therefore now always check these charts in order to plan your visit according to when you’d feel the most safe coming to Gallerian.

We’ve also taken the following measures to prevent the spread of covid-19 in Gallerian:

  • We’ve increased our cleaning routines, taking extra care of surfaces that many people come in contact with.
  • We’ve installed multiple hand sanitizer stations on different locations in Gallerian.
  • Through our speaker system, we continuously inform our visitors about information from the Swedish public health authorities. 
  • We continuously remind and encourage our visitors to keep distance on digital screens and various displays. 
  • Wherever possible we’ve removed furniture in order to increase the space between visitors. 
  • Together with all of our stores and restaurants we continuously make adjustments and take precautions of different kinds to prevent crowding. 
  • Our security guards act on making sure the Swedish public health authorities’ recommendations are being followed. We have extra surveillance during peak hours and are extra vigilant on locations where cues could appear.