From early mornings ‘til late evenings

Gallerian is open from early mornings until late evenings. We’re here for those having an after work with their colleagues, as well as those having lunch with their future in-laws. In pouring rain and clear blue skies, we’re here for those going shopping as well as anyone just browsing for whatever. We’re here for you, whenever you need. 

At new Gallerian and in our district you will find 57 stores, 24 restaurants, cafés, bars, 2 work out centers and one healthcare center with a digi-physic option. Throughout this fall, we will see many new openings, everything from beauty to training, food and shopping. Make sure to follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram to not miss out on all this!

We care about all of our customer’s safety and hope that anyone visiting us, will come at a time best suited for them and keep a safe distance to other customers.

Welcome to the new Gallerian. It all starts here.